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Ingrid Weyland

Photographer and Graphic Designer (UBA).

Her current work focuses on experimenting with the materiality of the photographic medium, by manipulating and distorting landscapes. Through these violent gestures she alludes to the damage inflicted by human beings on the environment, thereby questioning our relationship with the natural world. 

She attended the following workshops: Angela Copello, Fabiana Barreda, Julieta Escardó, Proyecto Imaginario, Ana Sánchez Zinny, amongst others. 

In 2020 she was one of the winners of Decade of Change by 1854 British Journal of Photography and the Exposure Photo Festival in Calgary; shortlisted for the Belfast Photo Festival and the Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize 2021; finalist in the Discovery Awards - Encontros da Imagem in Braga; and in Fresh 2021 Klompching Gallery Exhibition (NY). She was also a finalist for the Art for Change Prize at Saatchi Gallery.

Her work has been exhibited in cultural institutions and galleries in Argentina, London, Canadá, and Hong Kong: Arte Espacio (2016), Buenos Aires Photo International Fair (2019-2020), Photo London (2020), Exposure Photo Festival (2021), 1854 BJP Decade of Change Exhibition at The Climate Museum (2021), Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize (2021), among others, and has several upcoming exhibitions in Europe and the United States.

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