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Clau Cebrian

Argentine Photographer and Social Communications graduate based in Miami.


Claudia Cebrian is interested in the human being and its interaction with nature.  In her work she researches the influence in social and cultural life, fashion and beliefs; and how they condition us.

Her projects have been selected and awarded by Lensculture, Lenscratch, Loosenart, Critical Mass 200 and Lomography among many others. His work was exhibited in numerous exhibitions, fairs, and biennials in Miami, Orlando, New York, and Buenos Aires from 1997 to the present.

In her "Promised land" and "Dried Flowers" series, Cebrian explores the feelings of an immigrant. Loneliness, fear, confusion and problems of an unknown language or the adaptation of life in a new culture, are circumstances that she herself went through from her own place of uprooting. Daughter and granddaughter of immigrants, she investigates through the language of photography, about the echoes of current migrations and those of the past.

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