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Agustín Estrada

Buenos Aires, 1970.

Agustin Estrada's work is an emotional and autobiographical record of his experiences, ranging from the family environment to the personal one. Silence, emptiness and darkness run through his poetic work, where he only reveals vestiges of his introspective search. In "Alma Pater" he returns to the woods of his childhood where he uses his own clothes and those of his father to remember and reinvent presences. This meeting and farewell ritual enables him to go even further into his inner journey.

In 2018 he published his first photobook “Deja que la hiedra te cubra” (Let the ivy cover you) with Ed. La Luminosa. During 2020 he completed his second photobook “Y ahora que traes, verde río?” (And what you bring now, green river?) and in 2021 he finished his photobook "Alma Pater".

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